Green Home Mechanical will aid in the design of your new heating system from proper heat loss and heat gain analysis to ductwork design and in-floor heating layout. We will communicate with all contractors and subcontractors to ensure a smooth process for your renovation or new build. In addition, we can address your gas, ventilation and fireplace requirements as well.

New Construction

Green Home Mechanical has extensive experience with new construction installation. We will communicate with all contractors and sub-trades to ensure a smooth process for your new build. Green Home Mechanical will take care of all heat loss and heat gain calculations, along with any ventilation checklists which may be required for your project.

Since we specialize; in heating and cooling systems, hot water equipment, gas fireplaces, ductwork design and layout, ventilation, and gas fitting, you can depend on us to complete the mechanical in your new build with confidence.

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Green Home Mechanical will consult with you to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions for your renovation. With our experience in; heating and cooling systems, hot water equipment, gas fireplaces, ductwork, ventilation, and gas fitting, we have you covered. Let Green Home Mechanical's knowledge ensure an efficient installation process from start to finish. Feel secure that we will protect the longevity of your new equipment with annual safety inspections.

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Sheet Metal Work

This well-known specialty of Green Home Mechanical enables us to provide a uniquely comprehensive group of HVAC services. We custom design all required ductwork to ensure proper airflow and delivery to where it's needed. In addition, Green Home Mechanical sheet metal mechanics are experts in system installation.

Gas Fitting

The versatility and efficiency of Green Home Mechanical to handle an entire project is evident when you consider that we run a separate division to handle pipe fitting, a critical part of the process. Our crews of licensed plumbers and gas fitters work on the diverse range of systems that we design and build.


Green Home Mechanical specializes in the replacement of your heating system be it your furnace, boiler or gas fireplace. We will even update your in-efficient hot water tank to an instantaneous hot water heating system. Air conditioning can be added into your home by means of add on to your existing heating system or with a ductless split system.

Commercial Services

Green Home Mechanical caters to Stratas to assist with the maintenance of rooftop equipment and the building's exhaust fans. We provide semi-annual inspections to ensure the safe and effective operation of all equipment.

Green Home Mechanical also offers commercial property owners maintenance packages to maintain and if required, replacement of rooftop packaged units. The rooftop units provide the comfort level for heating and cooling for your occupants. Have us schedule your rooftop equipment with semi-annual inspections to maintain the reliable and efficient operation of your equipment.

Duct Cleaning

Green Home Mechanical recommends having air ducts cleaned regularly to dramatically improve the air quality in your home. Your ducts can house things like mould and fungus, pet hair, construction debris, food and small toys. Each time your heating or air conditioning system cycles on, debris in your ducts becomes airborne resulting in poor air quality. By cleaning your ducts, you reduce dust and allergens that can aggravate asthma and other respiratory ailments. The bonus is that cleaning your furnace ductwork makes the furnace operate more efficiently, thus saving you money on your heating costs. We recommend having your ductwork cleaned every 3 to 5 years.