Gas Fireplaces

No longer are gas fireplaces cement logs with poor flame quality and lack luster heating performance. The gas fireplace industry has evolved to efficient units that are now available with a clean face and linear concept.

There is only one thing better than a roaring fire on a wintry night: a roaring fire that needs no tending, requires minimal cleanup, and does not leave the rest of the house freezing cold.

That's what you get with today's gas fireplaces. Long gone are the anemic blue flames and unconvincing "logs." Modern versions burn much more realistically, with glowing red embers and tall orange-yellow flames that dance and flicker around ceramic-fiber logs molded from the real thing.

Gas fireplaces have come a long way within the industry. You now have options from: inserts that retrofit into your wood burning fireplace to built-ins for renovation, new construction and even retrofit to realistic remote controlled gas log sets to stainless steel outdoor fireplaces to modern freestanding fireplaces. Add the additional options to go from louvered fireplaces to clean face fireplaces, from standard burners to linear burners, and from logs to rocks to crystals to designer shapes for the interior burner media.

We can help you pick the fireplace that's right for you. We will also walk you through the key features to look for and explain how to get a unit that generates enough heat for your particular space. So when the first icy night of winter arrives, all it will take is a click of a remote control for you to cozy up in front of your blazing hearth.